WebHostingPad Review – Is it All a Scam?

One thing that many people worry about with website hosting sites is that the company is all a scam. When checking a WebHostingPad review, you need to know that the money back guarantee is genuine.

One thing that you always need to do is read the fine print in the terms and conditions. This will tell you what you are missing when looking at the home page of the website. The first thing that you will note is that the guarantee has an admin charge. This is to help cover any costs of setting up your account. The charge is 25 dollars.

Another thing that the terms and conditions will tell you is that you will still need to pay for the domain name if you opt for the money back guarantee, which is 15 dollars. This is purely because the company is not able to put the domain name back into use for another client. You will keep the domain name for the entire time so you are free to use it on another website hosting site.

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